About Us

elderly people with their caregiversBethany Assisted Living is a care home especially operated to provide the special needs of seniors and disabled adults. Kept in a quiet and peaceful community in Fosston, Minnesota, we have built a facility that is complete with the amenities that you need in order to live an independent, safe, and comfortable life. We ensure that we get to provide you with an environment that is warm and cozy, so much like home, so you will not even feel like you’ve left your own.

We have a dedicated team of care professionals who have the combined knowledge, expertise, and skills to properly run a facility and to compassionately care for our residents. Our administrators have the necessary background in this industry, allowing them to provide the right facility and programs that you need. We also have skilled and trained carers who can very well attend to your personal needs twenty-four hours a day. All our admin staff and utility personnel are very welcoming and considerate of your needs. At Bethany Assisted Living, we have everything you need to create wonderful and memorable days every day.

To request for a tour in our facility and to schedule an appointment with our administrator, you may call us at 218-435-1044.