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Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS)

Just because you’re alone at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a helping hand to assist you with the chores around the house. We understand that during the later years, being able to move around the house and do chores can be difficult. With our Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS), you have someone to handle some of the chores at home. Living in a clean and organized home is very beneficial to health and well-being. Our ICLS services include the following services:

elder assisted in grocery shopping

Active Cognitive Support

  • Interventions intended to address cognitive issues and challenges important to the person
  • Available both in-person and remotely (by telephone)
  • Examples of Active Cognitive Support include:
    • Problem solving the person’s concerns related to daily living
    • Providing assurance to the person
    • Observing and redirecting the person to address behavioral, orientation or other cognitive concerns


Adaptive Support Service

  • Services intended to help the person adopt ways to meet his or her needs that will encourage the person’s self-sufficiency and/or reduce the person’s reliance on human assistance
  • Examples of Adaptive Support Services include:
    • Verbal, visual and/or touch guidance to help a person complete a task
    • Developing and demonstrating cueing or reminding tools
    • Providing verbal, visual and/or touch guidance to help the person complete a task
    • Working through instructions for assistive technology with the person to help him/her function with greater independence


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • The ADLs category includes services intended to assist the person with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)


Household Management

  • Household Management includes services intended to help the person manage his or her home.
  • Examples of Household Management services include:
    • Assisting with cleaning, meal planning/preparation, and shopping for household/personal needs
    • Assisting with budgets and money management
    • Assisting with communications (sorting mail, accessing email, placing phone calls, making appointments)
    • Providing transportation when transportation is integral to ICLS household management goals and community resources and/or functional supports are not available


Health, Safety and Wellness

  • Health, Safety and Wellness includes services intended to help the person maintain his or her overall well-being.
    • Examples of Health, Safety and Wellness services include:
      • Identifying changes in health needs, and notifying the case manager and/or informal caregivers as needed
      • Coordinating or implementing changes to mitigate environmental risks in the home
      • Providing reminders and assistance with exercises and other health maintenance/improvement activities
      • Providing medication assistance (medication refills, reminders, administration, and/or preparation)
      • Monitoring the person’s health according to written instructions from a licensed health professional
      • Using medical equipment devices or adaptive technology according to written instructions from a licensed health professional


Community Engagement

  • Community Engagement Services are intended to help the person have meaningful integration and participation in his or her community.
  • Examples of Community Engagement Services include:
    • Facilitating the person in socially valued roles through engagement in relevant activities that lead to desired outcomes
    • Helping the person access activities, services and resources that facilitate meaningful community integration and participation
    • Helping the person develop and/or maintain his or her informal support system
    • Providing transportation when transportation is integral to ICLS community engagement goals and community resources and/or informal supports are not available


For more information about this type of service, please do not hesitate to contact us at (218) 435-1044.

ICLS services are a Minnesota Health Care Programs regulated program that is currently ONLY available to Elderly Waiver (EW) eligible recipients